Existing System Jeopardizes Output Capacity And Employee Safety
Produtos usados Válvula Tornado - Kit para Upgrade
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Indústria Cimento
cliente Izmir Cimentas in Izmir, Turkey


A total of 50 Martin® Air Cannons were installed at the Izmir Cimentas plant in Izmir Turkey within a few working days.

Izmir Cimentas manufactures 5,550 tons per day of clinker from two production lines to supply the cement industry in Turkey and other countries. Izmir Cimentas had an under-performing existing system, which was jeopardizing the plant’s output capacity by failing to remove accumulated material from the preheaters. The build-up issue needed manual removal on a daily basis, which required at least two hours maintenance each time, as well as a monthly slowdown for a major cleaning.


The Martin® Air Cannons with Tornado Exhaust valves fire compressed air to remove material adhered to the preheater.

To address the material build-up issue, the plant decided to have a detailed survey performed by Martin Engineering technicians, who inspected the preheaters and planned out a solution that included upgrading all air cannons on the entire preheater tower of the 3rd line with Martin Engineering air cannons. Additionally, the plant hoped to use an outage of just ten days to install the air cannons. Martin placed a rush on the order, delivering 50 high temperature nozzles, 50 air cannons and a variety of pneumatic components and control systems to the plant within a few working days. Martin technicians worked through the night until the changes were complete, supervising the installation and helping to program the firing sequences.


Martin was able to install 50 air cannons in a short time to take advantage of an unexpected shutdown at the plant.

Since the air cannon installation was completed, no manual cleaning has been needed in the entire preheater tower. Plant officials relayed positive references to another Cimentas plant in Turkey, leading to a similar system being installed at the Cimentas Elazig plant.


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