Arcelor Mittal - Michoacán, México - Alinhador - (conteúdo na íntegra em inglês)
Produtos usados Tracker™
Tipos de produtos usados Pontos de Transferência , Alinhamento da Correia
Indústria Siderurgia
cliente Arcelor Mittal, Michoacán, México


Arcelor Mittal, located in Michoacán, México is an integrated steel complex producing flat steel (steel slabs) and long steel for both domestic use and export. They were having a problem with belt misalignment on one of the main conveyors, causing spillage of coal along the sides of the belt. As a result, the conveyor had to be shut down regularly so employees could manually clean the area.


After surveying the problem, Martin recommended installing two aligners -- one upper Martin® Tracker™ and one lower Martin® Tracker™ -- to keep the belt centered in the loading zone, the Lower Unit is installed on the conveyor’s return side before the belt reaches the tail pulley. The Upper Unit is installed after the load zone to keep the belt tracking perfectly. The Martin® Tracker™ provides immediate, powerful and continuous steering to correct the belt’s path, prevent spillage, equipment damage and time consuming repairs and cleanup. The Martin® Tracker™ is available in 3 models to match the requirements of each application.


The Martin® Trackers™ solved the problem of belt misalignment and helped ArcelorMittal avoid the necessity of investing time and money to shut down to clean the coal spillage from the sides of the conveyor. The installation of the aligners resulted in a reduction in shutdowns and lowered the costs, and thus optimized and increased their production. The client was very satisfied with the proposal and the work of Martin Engineering’s team, and has ordered additional products and services from Martin.


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