SQC2S™ Cleaner STS

The Martin® SQC2S™ Safe-to-Service (STS) belt cleaner allows for all service to take place safely outside of the chute. Designed for safety, this cleaner prevents injuries and keeps workers from harm’s way while servicing belt cleaners.

To Replace Blade:

  1. Disengage tensioner
  2. Pull blade cartridge outside of the conveyor
  3. Remove quick release pin & blade cartridge
  4. Replace blade
  5. Push cartridge back into position
  6. Engage the tensioner

Features and Benefits:

  • Avoids need for Confined Space Permit
  • One-pin blade replacement makes service fast and easy
  • Tensioner adjustments made from operator side
  • High-Performance Urethane manufactured in house for highest quality control
  • Patented rubber buffers maintain cleaning pressure while deflecting to allow splices to pass
  • Rubber buffers allow for reversal of belt direction without damage to belt
  • Rugged construction withstands harsh applications, like high-speed belts and high-tonnage loads


  • Suited for medium to heavy-duty applications, on belt widths from 18 to 96 inches operating at speeds up to 1000 fpm


  • Adjustable to suit different head chute widths
  • Color-coded urethane blades available to suit application

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Especificações do produto

Belt Width Up to 96 in (up to 2400 mm)
Belt Speed Up to 1000 fpm (up to 5.1 m/s)
Temperature Between -30 degrees F and 300 degrees F
Corrosive Conditions Yes
Underground Applications Yes
Compatible with Reversing Belts or Roll Back Yes
Accommodates Mechanical Splices Yes

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